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Silo Ventilation Systems

"Safety and Convenience"
The Silo Ventilation Systems product range is designed to improve the safety of the grain handler and end consumer, while reducing the build up of heat, humidity and condensation in silos.
Units are designed for sealed and non-sealed silos.
The Silo Vents units are wind driven turbines located on the top of the silo lids.
The Air Intake Vents allow phosphine tablets to be inserted and removed in sealed silos from the safety of the ground.
Range of benefits the Silo Ventilation Systems range offers:


  • Fumigate sealed silos from the safety of the ground.
  • No contact between chemical and stored commodity.
  • Fumigation evenly dispersed around silo.
  • Eliminates climbing ladders to place chemical tablets in silos.
  • Increases air flow in silos.
  • Reduced heat, humidity and condensation in silos, reducing risk of attack from insects.
  • Reduces mould build up.
  • Units available for any size silo.
  • No running costs - no electrical powered connections required.
  • Easy to install.
  • Australian designed and made.


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