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Our Grain Storage System

 On-farm storage is a cost-effective and adaptable alternative during harvest, providing growers with the option of being self-sustaining, taking advantage of market changes and the rising strength of the Australian dollar, as well as having unlimited storage during a bumper season and maximising general harvest efficiency.


Silobolsa\Fieldpak Plastar Premium Grain Bags
grain bag
​Grain Inloading/Bagging Machines
grain inloading system

Our products offer a new system of storing grains in a safe, economic, flexible and profitable way, by storing your crops and/or pasture in grain bags on the fields from which they were harvested or any alternate area nearby. Your harvest efficiency is also enhanced by high performance and low cost bagging and extraction processes, using inloader and extractor machines which are easily transportable.​

Seed and Forage Bags, now having more than 12 years of extensive testing of both Imported and Australian made machinery has established itself as the market leader in innovative design of the Grain Bag Storage System in Australia.

​We have engaged our dealers and engineers along with direct contact with the farmers and end users to design the Seed & Forage Grain Storage System. We are continuing to develop our product range and improve our machinery design and the capabilities required by our customers.


Grain Fumigation Services
Grain Bag Sealer
Grain Unloading/Extracting Machines
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